Why Mergers Like the AT&T-Time Warner De

Why Mergers Like the AT&T-Time Warner Deal Should Go Through http://ow.ly/fzYF50ff3g6


15 TED Talks to Get Your Creative Juices

15 TED Talks to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing – Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut? How do you come up with creative solutions when you’re feeling stalled out? Maybe you get outside to recharge. Maybe you take a break to watch videos of cute animals. Maybe you’re unsure where to begin. One great place to look for inspiration when you’re in need are TED Talks. Featuring a wide range of professionals speaking on various … http://ow.ly/43J850feTOJ

You’re Fired! How Losing a Job Pushes Y

You’re Fired! How Losing a Job Pushes You Forward – The day began like any other. You went to work, sat down at your desk, logged onto your computer, and started planning for the day. Then your boss called you into his office. You sat down. His face was expressionless. You couldn’t tell what was coming. The buildup was agonizing. “You’ve done some great work here,” he said. “Your projects really pushed this company forward. We thank you for your time – but it’s not work… http://ow.ly/QjHV50fdGBw